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Italian furniture is often seen as designer furniture par excellence. Design made in Italy enjoys the highest reputation and many of the most famous and popular designers have been Italian or have learned in Italy. Italy is simply about style and design. We at Belle Arti love the Italian influence and flair also in the decor. Therefore you will find on our website and shop, Italian furniture and home accessories with discounts of up to 70%. Chairs and table for the dining room, designer furniture and sofas for the living room and also great beds from Italy for the bedroom - classic Italian flair for your home finds its way into your home with the furniture of Belle Arti! Great style furniture from Italy for a reduced price is now available online and in our store in Berlin.

between tradition and modernity

One of the most important features of Italian design is the unique combination of tradition and modernity. On the one hand, Italy has a long tradition of fine craftsmanship. Italy was the center of the Renaissance and families like the Medicis brought together artists from all over the world to create unparalleled works of art. Since then, the artwork is known, popular and always of excellent quality in Italy. This love of fine craftsmanship is reflected in the longevity and attention to detail that Italian furniture has. On the other hand, fascism in Italy has aroused a love for the strict, hard and often overwhelming forms of modern design from Germany. The movement of modernity was resumed after the Second World War by Italian designers with creativity and delicacy and connected with the rich treasure of traditional craftsmanship. The mix of attention to detail and clear shapes makes Italian furniture even today coveted designer furniture with cult status.

Italian beds in the bedroom, Italian chairs in the dining room, Italian chairs in the living room or Italian kitchen. Italian furniture is made of exclusive furniture that fills your own home with thoughtful design and creative shapes and colors. If you like to get involved in the apartment, you can not do it without Italian furniture!