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    Italian living Room Furniture

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    Sofa sets from Italy

Belle Arti - Italian Furniture & Accessories

The art of beautiful living

Bell Arti is for 55 years one of a few furniture shops in germany which is specialized on different style directions and especially on classic Italian furniture from a lot of different epochs. You have a big selection of fancy furniture and accessories in our shop. We present our furniture on 500 m² of exhibition space and 1000 m² of storage space. Most of the furniture are available in different wood colors and finishes.  Individual wishes are equally executable. The execution and delivery will be made in 4 to 8 weeks. Most of the products are available immediately.

Italian art of living for your home

You are searching for furniture with the special Italian touch? Then come to us, Belle arti the specialist for Italian furniture. In our exhibition space you can provide a good overview about our products. They exist in all wood colors and also your individual wishes are feasible at every time. Between furniture for your bedroom, workroom, living room, dining room and bathroom you also have a big selection of lamps, carpets and accessories for every room in your house.  Just stop by our furniture store and discover the limitless variety of Italian art of living!

We guarantee you a special quality level of our offered products. Our assortment consists exclusively of selected Italian furniture manufacturers. Bellearti-moebel.de offers you a comprehensive assortment of love and a sure sense. We attach importance to the best quality and original materials. Our furniture and home accessories are unique, luxurious and yet for everyday use. Also, that you feel comfortable with them every day. Many of our Italian furniture and accessories can be ordered immediately online and can be in their sacred walls in no time and let your premises shine. We are happy to advise you in advance by telephone: 030/251 92 82 or by e-mail: info@bellearti-moebel.de

Italian furniture manufacturer

The Italian manufacturers combine classic furniture with elegant style, but also with modern forms and functionality. Whether it's sofas, wardrobes, beds, dressers, showcases, sideboards, tables, chairs or shelves, each piece is characterized by an aesthetic Italian design and taste. You will find individual and unique pieces of furniture, as well as accessories that are not available anywhere else to buy. The home accessories include lamps, carpets, decorations, gifts, dinner service, glasses, sculptures and much more.

Furniture in an italian style

The "Italian style" is the multifaceted creations of the numerous Italian joineries. This is not about the detailed replica of a particular style. Combined are style elements that appeal and fit together well. This can range from simpler versions to very pompous designs.

Furniture in an English style

The term "English style furniture" summarizes reproduced furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries and is a collective term for epochs such as Victorian, Regency and Georgian dar. These styles were influenced by designers such as Hepplewhite, Sheraton and Chippendale. Also combinations of styles are possible. Typical types of wood are mahogany and yew.

New Classic

New Classic represents the revision or modification of historical styles such as Classicism and Baroque. Here, old forms are combined with new colors - e.g. a baroque chest of drawers in silver or gold, crystal chandeliers are being redesigned by Italian designers.

Classic furniture

Classicism is considered the new simplicity and is so called because of the turn to the ancient world and to classical beauties. The stronger emphasis on the constructive brings a stricter line with it. New ornamental ribbons such as eggs, meander or dandruff ribbons decorate the more linear forms. Matching the classic style, Belle Arti also offers many accessories. Belle Arti delivers its Italian furniture not only in Berlin but also to Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bremen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Essen, Stuttgart, Hanover, Nuremberg and abroad as well.

Baroque furniture

Baroque is actually a collective term for the French court styles. However, the country of origin is Italy. The baroque cabinet is a typical piece of furniture with base, main body and cornice in luscious profiling and strict symmetry. The upholstered armchair is also part of the representation. The chest of drawers, especially the chest of drawers, is also popular in the baroque style. In Baroque style, you will find exclusively at Belle Arti the matching carpets in different colors, such as. red, beige and black. Order your baroque furniture online now and get your discount.